Book Book Book

Dear followers

Things are starting to normalize so you’ll get regular blogs for the next few weeks before I go off to camp and am without internet for three weeks. I am sorry I have been so hit and miss on blogging this year. There really has been a lot going on and there has not been anything that I really wanted to blog about recently.

Part of why I have been so much away from here is I just published a book! Hooray for me. I’m very excited about it, I mean it really is a big accomplishment for me. So, if you like my blog or like me or both (well that last one is basically impossible) then you should totally buy my book “Unacceptable Behavior” by Katrina J Daroff.

You can find it here.

The book is called Unacceptable Behavior and it is available on Amazon and Kindle. It has all of my best stories in it so after you read it you will have no reason to ever talk to me again… I mean you might, if you’re one of the people who like me.

Please enjoy.

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