You’ve just watched five years worth of tv in a week

There are several problems with spending the afternoon watching old episodes of television  online. The first is that I have just watched 5 years worth of television in a week and that is NEVER supposed to happen but the second is far worse in my opinion. The second is that in the world of television everyone is beautiful. Even the bumbling baffoon who cannot do anything right is stunningly handsome. It’s a little terrifying that the people in this world are all remarkably attractive as though sometime early in their history they discovered genetic modification, I know I’m terrified. What makes it even more frightening though is how gorgeous the people who are meant to be the attractive ones on the show are because they have to not only be stunning but stunning in comparison. After an afternoon of laying on my floor watching all of these gorgeous people go about their daily lives while sweating in the 90 degree weather and feeling gross I feel like a frog especially in comparison.


A Lady’s Guide to Dealing with Stupid Guys

It is a fact that there are extremely stupid, rude, and generally crude guys out in the world for lack of a better family friendly term let’s call them anti-gentlemen. Now there are not THAT many anti-gentlemen out there in the world, I would say they probably aren’t even a majority, but they tend to be a very loud and noticable group, in fact they are hard to miss.  I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with a group of them on my way to the store this morning.

I was driving along, quite happily, listening to my music with sunglasses on and my windows rolled down (my car’s AC doesn’t work) and stopped at a red light next to a truck that had already cut me off a little bit earlier and had been being a generally unsafe and rude driver. There windows were also rolled down so, in order to be polite because I AM A GOOD PERSON, I turned down my music. These boys took this as a sign that I wanted them to shout obscene things to me, one even leaned out their window shouting and waving, trying to get my attention. My eyes slid over toward them then back to the light. I willed the light to change faster but (and if you’re familiar with Spokane you understand this already) this was one of the lights that only let one direction go at a time and there were still 2 directions left before it would be my turn again. I reached over to the dial of my car stereo and turned the music up, fortunately for me the song that had just started was a particularly obnoxious Back Street Boys song, and turned back to them and mouthed “I’m sorry I can’t hear you. My music is too loud.”

I turned back toward the light and smiled. Check Mate.


Hey look guys I’m famous!

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