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Hi Friends. Lots going on so, even though I have written several blogs in my head, I haven’t been posting. To tide you over until my next post here are the last two articles I have written for The Sliver Petticoat Review.

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer


The Problem With My Degree

I majored in English in college and, just check my Facebook page, I’m a writer. That means that I like to think “too hard” about literature and movies and the like. I also care a lot about the logic and symbolism of things. Its a side-effect of studying literature and writing. That means that I am being very serious when I start talking about how thew color/princess pairings of my Disney Princess fruit snacks don’t make logical sense. The colors mean something.

The big problem with this is, I WANT to talk about literary theory but I can’t. Even when I do it over text I can see my friends’ eyes glaze over. No one else is really interested in the interesting readings of things based in Freudian literary theory or the Chinese history class I took in college. And it is to the point that when I spend 10 minutes typing out a long explanation for something using those theories that they don’t even bother to read the explanation and continue defending their low-level reading of it. It is very disappointing and leads me to the simple fact that I just don’t connect well to other people.

When I was young I didn’t connect well to people. Then in college I really felt like I did. It turns out I was just hanging out with the only people in the world who think the same way I think. And the real problem with that is that I then get mad at people for their lower level readings of things. It’s not exactly fair of me but I do. In fact, I get so annoyed about it that I will avoid posting some of my literary commentary on Facebook because I know only the people who are doing and defending that lower reading (and who’s eyes glaze over when I start talking about the other literary theories) are going to comment on it.

This isn’t other people’s fault, it’s mine. I chose to study this thing that no one else seems to care about and then get frustrated when others don’t take a serious interest in it.

So friends, please do me a solid and understand that when I start analyzing film through 8 different literary theories and then talking about it it is because that is what I like to do. I know it is weird but you do weird things too. If it confuses you just let me know, I’ll try to explain it better.

And English major friends, please talk to me more. I need you.