Things most 20-somethings don’t say… but I do

Before I start I want to say that I wish iTunes would send me my receipt faster. I receive my e-mail statement from iTunes and it says to me “you’ve spent $8 on music.” 

“WHAT! I did not.”

Then I actually look at the receipt and remember “oh yeah… I bought those five songs that I’ve listened to a million times two weeks ago.” It’s actually a very nerve racking experience for me. 

And now I return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

I have recently started taking note of some of the things that I do and say and I can’t help but feel like people who look like me either don’t or shouldn’t say these sorts of things.


For the record this is what I mean when I say people who look like me. 

But I say these things anyway and I think people are starting to worry.

1) I don’t want a smart phone.

At first that sounds innocent enough until you realize that a 24 year old American girl saying it. With one small sentence I have gone against my entire generation… NO my entire culture. Clearly I am everything that is wrong with American society. But seriously I don’t want a smart phone. I want to make calls and send texts and the internet can wait until I get home and am not supposed to be spending time with people. If I am going to be outside then I would like to actually be outside. I have no problem being a real shut in who never leaves their house. So why would I need the internet outside?

2) I will murder you and everyone you have ever met.

I don’t think most 20-somethings can pull this threat off. I really don’t. I tell people it all the time. People like me probably should not say things like that.

3) I’ve had enough to drink.

“God’s gift to reckless abandonment turns out to be a prude in wolf’s clothing.”


On an unrelated not my friend sent me this picture this week and its awesome.



Can I get a little Moderation? (An Argument Against Geekery)

I’m going to say this first so I don’t get a ton of angry readers on my back. I am a nerd; I love epic fantasy, I could sit for hours analyzing any literature, when I like something I will spend hours researching it, I love fun facts about movies and actors. All of the things that fan girls do are things that I enjoy doing. So trust me when I say that I understand your plight. Even with that being said I have a question, and a concern, gnawing at me. When did being completely OBSESSED with something become an okay lifestyle choice?

Why is it that during the summer I see people wandering around book stores, movie stores, libraries, and comic book stores who look like they have never even seen the sun and that they are only outside because their parents are fumigating their rooms? I don’t go outside a ton in the summer because once it gets above 85 degrees I don’t function  within polite society anymore but I get dark (I will concede on that point because the second I step outside the sun says “Oh Katie, you have a pale spot. Let fix that for you.”). I look around these places and wonder if these people ever go outside. I wonder if they ever do anything that doesn’t involve their computer. Even know, out in the world, they have their smart phone out; tweeting and texting whatever “witty” pun they spent the last five minutes coming up with. 

So my question is: can I get a little moderation? 

GIRLS! BOYS! Go outside. Spend a whole day every week without the internet. Put down your smart phone put on some classic rock  and fold your laundry. Bake some cookies. Find a way to remind someone that you love and care about them. I am all about liking what you like. If you like sports that is okay. If you are thrilled that they just started filming the new season of Sherlock then be thrilled about that. For the love of God be able to do or talk about something else. 

I say do  something every day that will make an interesting story in 20 years. If you finish your day and can’t think of a time that you went outside and talked to people or something worth talking about that day then you are not living your life in a way that I can approve of. 

The point is I like video games, I like watching British television but there are other things in the world and I can’t believe that so many people are missing out on them.