Iconic Women I Look Up To (and you should too)

1) Wonder Woman

Last weekend I went to Salt Lake Comic Con and, because I’m super nerdy, I dressed up as some of my favorite nerdy things. My favorite of my favorites was Wonder Woman, I would wear my Wonder Woman costume every day if it were appropriate for work.

Walking home from the train, while dressed as Wonder Woman, I was behind a little girl dressed as Batgirl walking with her mom. Her mom glanced back at me then leaned over to Batgirl and whispered, “look, it’s Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is her favorite.” For a minute I got to be Wonder Woman for this little girl who looks up to Wonder Woman and it was great. Wonder Woman is an iconic figure who that little girl looked up to and that I look up to as well. 

In fact, every woman should look up to Wonder Woman. She is an iconic figure and it is not just because she has been around since 1948 or is a standard of beauty. Wonder Woman is a warrior and a symbol of what women are and can be. Did you know that Wonder Woman doesn’t wear make-up? In one of the comics she tells a woman that she shouldn’t have to cover up her natural beauty. In an episode of the justice league she smashed a tv because a critic tried to tear down her heroics because of what she wears. Just because she wears something revealing doesn’t mean her accomplishments are any less than her male counterparts and she won’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

Wonder Woman is the sort of women we should all strive to be like, I know I do.

2) Miss Piggy

I don’t know why people don’t take me seriously when I say this. I am being serious; Miss Piggy is my fashion muse, if she can wear something then so can I.

I LOVE Miss Piggy! She is my hero and has been since I was young. She may be a muppet, and a pig, but you can’t deny that pig has got style. She does not ever let anyone tell her she can’t have what she wants because she is the wrong body type or a woman. Miss Piggy charges into Lady Holiday’s office and announces that she wants to be a hug fashion model. It doesn’t matter if anyone else believes in her or her dreams because she does and she is going to fight to get them.

The thing is, people are going to tell you that you can’t be what you want to be, you can’t tell yourself no. You have to fight to be who you want to be, just like Miss Piggy.

3) Barbie

I’m done apologizing for my defense of Barbie. If you are against Barbie you are stupid and not a real feminist (I won’t apologize for that comment either). Barbie is an icon who has consistently held male-dominated positions decades before women became common in those positions. Yes, she’s a doll whose mainly designed to have her fashionable clothes changed but she is also a doll who lets young girls dream of doing thousands of different things. Barbie is great and we should all strive to be like her.