Self Publishing

Please forgive any spelling and grammar errors in this post, its the very first blog written on my new kindle fire and just to make things more difficult I am writing it in the library parking lot while I syphon their wifi.

Recently one of my coworkers self published a book on marriage. I’m incredibly proud of her becaue writing is hard and putting your heart and soul out in the world (publishing) is even harder. Publishing by yourself with noons helping you and telling you that you’re good has to be even harder. This turn of events has made me think a little bit about self publishing and what it means for the world of literature as a whole.

Anyone with an ereader or access to the internet can tell you that there is absolutely no reason to pay for books, that is if you don’t mind reading swill. There’s thousands of free books and free fanfictions out there for you to enjoy. There’s no publishers telling aspiring authors that their book isn’t good enough anymore because if they do it’s no problem, you can use the internet to self publish, all that matters is getting your work out there.

Okay just wanting your work out there is a noble cause and I’m not telling you that self publishing is wrong I just want to look at it from another angle. If I’m planning on writing, really writing, as a career path don’t I need to be building relationships with publishers rather than throwing my hard work onto a pile with a million other things? How am I ever go to stand out in this world doing something like that. Then I think how am I ever going to stand out if I’m just throwing my work on the publisher’s pile.

I’m just torn. I believe deep down that the right path for me is to continue sub!mitting  to publishers and building relationships with them, Laurie Lamon always told me “you know you’ve made it when you get handwritten rejection letters.” That doesn’t meanb that self publishing is wrong for others.

Just a thought .