I am Alice and this is Wonderland 

I love to display my books and movies and memories and artwork because I look around my space and think, “this is what my mind looks like.” When I put my home together I create a world in which I can see some of who I am, the things that make me me. I put up my framed memories (moments in time that have meant something to me) and the books that have shaped the way I think and write and I get to see it all. I do my best to keep it neat and if I am unhappy I rearrange until I am happy again.

That’s how I look at my mind, it is a world all my own that tends to be difficult to share and I see my home and my space as an extension of that world. It is my “wonderland.” That is also why I sometimes have a hard time sharing my space. When I invite someone into my space I’m giving them a glimpse of who I am, glimpses that they might not get otherwise, and I’m always afraid they won’t understand. 

You’ll notice that in the story Alice never shares Wonderland with anyone else from our world. It is a land of her own making (depending on how you choose to read the story) in which everything is nonsense and she can be the hero that Victorian era women were rarely allowed to be. It was a world that she had a small amount of control over. How can you share something like that? 

Now, I realize that my home is not actually my brain and that most people coming into my home won’t notice the pieces of my personality littered around them but they are there. That’s how I like to decorate at least.


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