Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I sometimes, in late winter and spring think that summer is my favorite time of the year but then I remember that I am unhappy in anything warmer than the mid-seventies. True Story. There is a problem with that though. The problem is that I currently live in Northern Utah which has two seasons; damn it’s hot! and good lord it’s cold! There are people in the area who say that there are four seasons here but they are wrong… and stupid because their idea of spring and fall really last about 3 days each. I don’t like it. That is all I had to say.


Boot Buyers/Wearers Anonymous

Today I bought a pair of extremely cute pair of black leather boots that I don’t actually need and really don’t have the money to pay for. In my defense they were on deep sale and  fit perfectly. Right before purchasing the shoes I said to my mom (who I was shopping with. get over it), “I pretty much exclusively wear boots and sandals, so I need these.”

That’s true. I own about a dozen pairs of boots. What is also true is the fact that I wear them all the time. Day time. Night time. Winter. Summer. Fall. I don’t wear them in the spring time though because that is when I wear me sandals (I also wear sandals in summer because not wearing sandals in summer is just crazy). I’m not the only one who has noticed this habit of mine either. Apparently it has been a topic of discussion between one of my best friends and her husband (I’m not sure if her baby was part of the conversation or not, he tends to spend a lot more time trying to steal my jewelry than he does talking).

Husband: Kat wears boots a lot.

Friend: Yeah. I think she could wear them every day.

Husband: Really?

Friend: I’m pretty sure, I’ve seen her wear boots in the middle of summer.

Husband: …


I don’t think they told me about this conversation on purpose the topic only came up because I mentioned during Avengers (I love that movie) that I would wear every one of the Avengers boots. I would wear Captain America’s red boots,

Thor’s warrior boots,

Ironman’s gold titanium alloy boots (I don’t know what I’m talking about),

Black Widow’s spy boots,


Hawkeye’s boots (if he wears those), and Nick Fury’s Boots.

In fact the only character in that movie who’s boots I would not wear is the Hulk (I would however wear his pants because those things are indestructable.).

Clearly I have a problem. Is there some kind of boot buyers anonymous where there are other people who wear boots all the time too because I would really like to hear those ladies thoughts on boots. I don’t think any of you really want to hear mine.