5 reasons that Rick O’Connell is the best Disney Prince


I am aware that Rick O’Connell (of 1999’s “The Mummy”) is not a Disney character (Universal) and is not a prince (adventuring rogue) but all the same he is probably the best Disney prince there is.


What makes a Disney Prince? Other than the obvious answers I have come up with a few characteristics that make a Disney Prince into a true Disney Prince.

1) Disney’s princes are almost universally thrill seekers or adventurers  (whether they chose the adventure life or not). They are not just sitting around wondering when their princess will come, that’s only Snow White who does that sort of nonsense. They are off; having fun, stealing bread and tiaras, riding their horse through the woods, and looking for wealthy wives. That is just the way those boys are.


2) A Disney Prince is handsome, if not well dressed (Aladdin). Have you ever noticed that about movies? The leading man is always played by a handsome actor, even when the point of the story is “what’s inside counts more than whats outside.”


3) The Disney Princes adhere to a moral code. They’re good guys as well as good guys. They don’t lie, cheat, and take advantage of unsuspecting women. Even princes who are world class scoundrels are good guys who we root for.


4) A Disney Princes are romantic. Lets face facts, every disney prince has some sort of romantic attachment. They meet a lady and fall madly in love with her. They must be with THAT woman or else nothing in life matters. That is how I feel when I see a great pair of boots.


5) Disney Princes always deal with some supernatural entity before the end of the movie. ALWAYS. If you don’t believe me you can go back and watch those movies yourself because I don’t have the time to list them all for you here.


“Why does her hair glow?”

So now lets talk about Rick O’Connel of the Mummy movies (specifically the first one because the second one was awful and it has been a while since I saw the third one).

1) A Disney Prince is an adventurer or thrill seeker.


When the audience first meets Rick he is fighting in the French Foreign Legion at (location I cannot spell). That sounds an awful lot like adventure and excitement to me. In fact that sounds like more adventure and excitement than most of the Disney Princes see in their own films.

2) A Disney Prince is Handsome.


When I was at my freshman orientation in high school we watched a scene from “The Mummy” at the beginning of the library part of the tour (I think you can figure out what scene) but before that scene started we watched Rick O’Connell wander through the desert for a little while and fight bad guys. After the lights were turned back on a boy asked WHY we watched the first scene. The librarian (who was in her early twenties) said “because I just wanted to look at Brendan Fraser for a minute.” The other girls in the room agreed.

Okay, I was never the girl who absolutely loved Brendan Fraser. He’s okay. He’s not funny looking or anything  but he’s no Chris Hemsworth. However he is not an unattractive fellow and besides we are not talking about Brendan we are talking about Rick. Every one knows that 45% – 75% of someone’s attractiveness is in their personality. That’s why we love Aladdin and Flynn Ryder (wait… that may be because they’re dashing rogues).

3) Disney Princes adhere to a moral code.


Okay okay okay. He was just looking for a good time and got the death penalty and then he steals things and shoots people BUT he saves the whole world and even though he hates Benny and Benny abandons him twice he tries to save him a couple of times. He knows that you don’t leave a man behind.

4) Disney Princes are romantic.


“I was about to be hanged, it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Now there is a love sonnet if I ever heard one. That is the right thing to say to a woman that you kissed very unexpectedly. Seriously though. He fights an undead and all powerful mummy to save Evelyn because he thinks she’s pretty. We actually get a lot of great moments between the pair through out the movie. They slowly fell in love over the course of the weekend rather than all at once at the end of the film. …it’s adorable!

5) Disney Princes always deal with a supernatural entity.

Do I really need to explain that one?


To restate my argument Rick O’Connell is the best Disney Prince there is. He is also the only one besides Aladdin to be featured as the hero in THREE films. I think I’ve made my case.

“Yes I see what you mean. Filthy, rude, COMPLETE scoundrel, nothing to like there at all.”


The Fun House Mirror

I live with my parents. There, I said it. I’m not one of those people who are going to live with their parents for the rest of their lives, god no! I live with them because I am broke and spent my life saving on my fancy and very fantastic college. I wouldn’t trade it either. I can handle 2 years of living with my parents after college in exchange for 4 years of epicness at Whitworth. The point is I live in my parent’s basement and up until a couple weeks ago I lived in very small room (that was literally the smallest room I’ve ever tried to live in). Then the woman who was renting the big basement room from my parents went and got married (how dare she?) so I got to move into the big room and finally got to rearrange the basement living room in a way that actually makes sense.

As you can see I’m very excited about it.

There was, however, one really great thing about the little room that I will miss. The closet doors were these beautiful, high quality, full length mirrors. Now I’m not self obsessed or overly absorbed by fashion but I like to know what I look like before I leave for a job interview or whatever else it is that I do when I go out in public. These mirrors were just wonderful to have. They were good for everything, even brushing my hair.

Having moved into the big room I have gained a lot, and I do mean A LOT (including a kingsized bed and my reading chair) but I have lost the big mirrors. At first I thought that would be okay because the woman who had lived there before me left behind her over the door mirror. It’s a cheap one, I think the mirrow itself is made of plastic, and it has fallen off the mount a couple of times but it was a full length mirror and I didn’t see a problem with using it. I was wrong about that desision. It turns out that this particular mirror is a fun house mirror.

A few days ago I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans. I really like these particular jeans and wear them a lot because they fit really comfortable inside my boots. Then I added to the ensemble a tank top, a plaid over shirt, and my boots. This is an outfit that I generally feel like I look good in. It may not be the height of fashion but it’s comfy and I feel like a lumber jack in it. I then closed the closet door and looked in the mirror.

“Oh my gosh. I’m a manitee! Is this what I always look like and nobody told me?” Of course not. I knew that it was not the nicest outfit and I knew that the jeans barely fit my thighs but there was NO WAY every mirror I had looked in when wearing this outfit had lied to me. Perhaps I had gained some weight recently. No, that wasn’t it. I knew from the scale and the several year old wonderwoman costume I had worn to Comic Con that I had actually lost weight and selndered up in the last year and a half since graduating (its amazing what eating proper meals with vegetables and things will do for a person).

Finally, I trudged back into the little bedroom and looked in the nice mirrors. Sure enough my reflection was about 2 inches taller (which for 5’3″ me is kind of important. 2 inches is a big percentage of my total height.) and my hips and thighs were about 2 inches thinner.

“Damn fun house mirror. Women would be so much happier if we didn’t buy those things,” I muttered and went upstairs to go to work. That day I spent 4 hours deep cleaning and sanitizing a bathroom by myself so it didn’t really matter what I looked like but you must understand that I’m an incredibly self-obsessed person (I KNOW WHAT I SAID AT THE BEGINNING OF THE POST!) and prefer to not look completely terrible.

This is not the first fun house mirror I’ve come across in my travels and the worst part is the people who use them don’t even realize that is not what they actually look like. I think we would all be a lot happier with ourselves and our lives if we stopped buying these cheap mirrors. If you really want a fun house mirror then buy a real one. Preferably the ones that make you look like you’re a snake, all wavy back and forth. Yeah, those are awesome.

(In reference to the wonder woman costume from comic con/ explanation of that comment about it. It’s about 5 years old and has always fit me really well because I am always wonder woman for halloween. I put it on for the first day of comic con and it was too big. I was shocked, and a little disappointed because a strapless outfit that is a little too big can be a big problem.)

If I don’t do other things I won’t have anything to blog about

A little over a week ago was Salt Lake City’s first Comic Convention and, as promised, I intend on telling you about it in this blog but first I would like to apologize for not posting about anything at all for a little while. The thing is if I don’t do other things then I don’t have anything interesting to blog about. Of course… if I do other things then I don’t have time to write my blog. Its a slippery slope.

One of the other things that I did recently was go to the Salt Lake City Comic Con with my friend Erin. It was the sort of thing that is fun if you are interested in learning more about the way atoms move. After the first panel on Saturday, Erin and I went to the slightly less crowded upper level and watched a small space in the exhibition hall, no more than 10 square feet, and the 100 people in the space trying to move in that space without touching each other. I assume that is what atoms look like when they are moving around under a microscope. That was the last day. I am getting ahead of myself.




Erin and I’s adventure started a couple of weeks before when we heard about it and decided that was the sort of place we could wear our super hero costumes. I am always looking for an opportunity to wear my super hero costumes.

Thursday was the best day to go. Fewer people. It was great. 

I have to go do other things  now so I can’t write anymore on the subject right now. If I don’t do other things I won’t have anything to write about.

Dress For the Job You Want (Sailor Scout)

“But I don’t want to be rescued. I WANT TO BE A SAILOR SCOUT!” – Crystal Mae



(Those of you who do not know what a Sailor Scout is please take a few minutes to go on Youtube, type in “Sailor Moon Episode 1” and click on one of the full episodes that are up. There should be one with a star in the title and I believe that is a full episode with an English dub. Go ahead and watch that full episode, I’ll wait. …Now you know what Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts are.)

As far as I’m concerned there are very few jobs that would be better than being a super hero. Think about it. You get great hours (fighting evil by moonlight!). I’m already a little bit of a night owl so waiting around all night for villainy would work for me. The money is also good, if you work the system properly. You can get sponsors and video games and all sorts of things. Sailor Venus had video games and I’m sure she made a ton of money off of that. I’m sold on being a super hero for those reason’s alone but then you get the BONUS of super powers. 

Sailor Scout is like twice as cool of a job as super hero. You fight evil by moonlight (Evil not crime. The Sailor Scouts are not vigilantes. They do not get in the way of the police. The police actually don’t care about the Scouts hanging around because they have no idea what they are actually doing. The Sailor Scouts just fight the Negaverse.). Then you go and do whatever you want during the day. 

Now for the best part.

The Sailor Scouts don’t have to carry their uniforms around (like superman) and change in phone booths (like superman). Oh no. The Sailor Scouts are magic. They just hold up their pink sparkly “power of love” pen and shout something so that they TRANSFORM into their warrior personas. 

I’m loving this idea more every minute. Guys, I don’t have time to write anymore. I’m going to go fight evil with my pink sparkly “power of love” pen. I’m going to be a sailor scout.

On an unrelated note I went to the first ever Salt Lake City  Comic Con this weekend and it was AWESOME! Stay tuned for more on that and my Sailor Jupiter costume.