How I feel knowing I’m going to graduate in 17 days

(Sorry I haven’t posted in so long but sometimes my life gets a little bit crazy)

I picked up my cap and gown for my college graduation today (which is in 17 days). It is a very important symbol. Graduation is the culmination of 12 years of hard work and 4 years of REALLY hard work (I’m not going to count kindergarten because that was not hard or work). There is one problem with all of that hard work coming to an end though. That problem is I have no idea what I’m doing starting on May 14 and ending with the rest of my life.

That is going to be a problem.


Dress for the Job you want (Day 12)

Since I can’t seem to muster the energy to remove myself from leggings I have decided to just go with it and make them work as a fashion statement. I think part of my lack of will to wear real clothing is the fact that it blizzarded yesterday (I just made that into a word. Don’t fight it, it’s happening), even though it’s April and not supposed to do that anymore. So today I have decided to be a dancer, maybe a ballerina, like the kind in the movie Center Stage… scratch that I’ve just decided to be a character from Center Stage or any 80s movie involving dance.

I’ve always wanted to be a dancer (that’s a lie, I just lied to you).

The look especially works because I’m wearing my magic denim jacket from 1986. We can’t be sure but I’m pretty sure this jacket causes time travel.

I selected legging and a tank top for the free movement and legwarmers (not pictured) and jacket for the awesomeness.

Yeah… I’m totally an awesome dancer, you can tell by the blurriness of the picture.

Dress for the Job you want (Day 11)

For the last two days (and today) I have dragged myself out of bed, looked in my closet, and wondered what I would be that day but each of those days I could not muster the will to wear anything other than leggings and a long shirt. Even if I could muster the will I would not have gotten march farther up the scale of clothing than sweatpants. Asking me to wear jeans would have ended your life both swiftly and immediately (just so you know how series I really am about it). This morning I realized that its because I don’t want to be anything. That’s a lie. I wanted to be a cat. So today I decided to be a cat (but a smart feline version of Wishbone cat).

Today is a good day to be a cat too. Cat’s don’t have to go outside unless they want to and I DID NOT want to. An entire winters worth of snow and rain has fallen today, the air was chilly, and there was the small problem of having a TON of homework to do in all of my classes. As a cat I don’t have to deal with any of that. Everyone knows that cats get to sit in comfy chairs and read all day and not be thought any less of just because they aren’t doing anything for society. It’s a good life.

Even if I had shown up to class the professors would have kicked me out, cats aren’t allowed in school. Which if you think about it discrimination.

What I’m wearing:

1) Fur, that I cleaned myself. It’s very soft and silky.

The Eragon Problem (or) Why I just started reading the hunger games

Don’t worry, I’m going to continue with my “Dress for the Job you Want” series but I got caught up reading The Hunger Games today and haven’t had the will to do much else. The only reason I haven’t gone back and finished the book yet is I knew I would be sad when I finished and wanted to put of the inevitable.

Now I’m sure you are all wondering (because every detail of my life is SO fascinating) why I haven’t read Hunger Games until now. It’s not because I’m some sort of literary snob or didn’t want to read them because “everyone else was doing it” or it was “too mainstream.” I  try not to operate like that or more to the point I try to do things because want to do them not because of the people around me. The reason that I haven’t read the series yet is because I DON’T read any series of books until it is out in its completion and you can all blame Christopher Paolini for that.

There is a grand total of two series that I have completed when I started reading them before all the books are out.

1) The Princess Diaries

2) Percy Jackson and the Olympians

(Yes I read a ton of teen fiction and am about to graduate college… please don’t forcibly remove me from the young adult section.)

I managed to stay with the Princess Diaries because every year (or every several years) I would reread them all as a refresher. It wasn’t because they were particularly good or I needed a refresher course (there were not that many characters to keep strait)  but because I could literally read one an hour. The series ended with ten books. One book an hour for ten hours seems like a pretty good day to me. And when I started reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians all the books except the very last book were out and I figured I had a small buffer for the author/publisher to get the book out before I needed it.

I don’t read a series before it is complete because I read Eragon and Eldest (The Inheritance Cycle)  as a Sophmore in high school and then the last two books NEVER CAME OUT! (Never is an exageration of course they are out but it took a lot longer than I am usually willing to wait.) So now I have not read Brisingr or Inheritance because I got halfway through Brisingr and realized “I don’t remember 98.5% of these people. I remember Eragon and Saphira and Arya and that’s really it.” If I’m going to complete them  I have to reread Eragon and Eldest and those books are not small (I am not a fast reader so rereading a 500 page fantasy novel takes a long time).

Considering that I have to reread two books and then read two other large books right after it is going to end up being a large chunk of my life dedicated to information that I should have received several years ago.

It is my distrust of authors that has lead me to this place where when I begin a series I must have all the books in my possession, preferably stacked neatly by my reading chair. It is that distrust that has lead me to read Hunger Games now, a week or so after the movie of the book came out.

Dress for the Job You Want (Day 10)

(Hooray for double digits!)

Athletics are a great thing. Some of my fondest memories in high school are from running track. Actually all of my favorite memories from high school were of me running track (high school was not a good time for me). I wonder why I didn’t run track in college (cut to me damaging my feet a ton my junior year of high school and not wanting to be remembered as “Jamie’s little sister” for the rest of my life because I ran on the same college track team). Oh… yeah… I forgot.

The point is that athletics are great and that is why I have decided to become a professional football player. (This is a terrible idea, I have never played football before and I’m kind of little.)

Of course I chose to wear jeans and healed boots because I want to have as limited mobility as possible. It’s a good thing I’m about to graduate and won’t have to try-out for the school team.

Yep this is a terrible idea.

The List:

1) A sort of jersey style t-shirt

2) Jeans

3) Long red socks (as far as I can tell long socks are one of the essential pieces)

4) boots (my life would not be complete without either boots or sandals)