Why you shouldn’t binge watch shows

I finally did it, I broke down and got Netflix. There were so many shows that I had not gotten to watch all of and wanted to. But, I got a DVD subscription rather than just streaming and here’s why; I think it is bad for you to binge watch shows. I think it is bad to just watch a bunch of episodes of anything all in a row. You can’t actually sit and focus for that long, for one, and I don’t think you enjoy it as much as you think you do. So instead of watching 8 eoiusides of game of thrones in a row I’m watching it 2 episodes in a row then waiting 4 days for my next disc and you know what,I like it way better. 

Watching it this way I have to figure out how to cope with life for the time that I don’t have my show (like when you are interrupted by real life) and therefore it doesn’t interrupt my life. 

I’ve long thought that we shouldn’t binge watch shows but nowi am convinced that it  is bad for your brain and youneec yo stop. Just trust me on this.

I will have a longer and better blog post on Sunday, this is all I have foryoy right now.


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