Nerds Having Nerd Fun

This last weekend was the second ever Salt Lake City Comic Con. I didn’t go but it happened. I did not go because 1) it is expensive, 2) it is crowded and I don’t actually do well in crowds, 3) I went to the first one in September, and 4) it is Easter weekend. Easter Weekend is a particularly busy time in my life. I do love the idea of Comic Con though. I love that nerds (but we really should just say people who are unabashed about being into things) get to wander around the city dressed as their favorite things and have a ton of nerd fun together, only facing minor amounts of judgement from the masses. I love that because you see them wandering around having their nerd fun and you have to admit that you are a little tiny bit jealous. They always look like they are having more fun than the cool kids are having. Despite not getting to go to Comic Con I did get to have some nerd fun of my own this weekend though. By nerd fun this time I really believe that I need to say totally unabashed fun.  

The thing about fun is it is just something you do. If you are worrying about having fun, being judged, or “living in the moment” then you probably are not actually allowing yourself to have fun (that’s why we’re all jealous of the nerds having their nerd fun).

My friend Sarah and I went to a local amusement park called Lagoon yesterday. Lagoon is not the biggest or most thrilling amusement park out there but it has a carousel and a ferris wheel so I would say its pretty great. We then spent the afternoon running around, shouting at each other, and, most importantly, dancing. Not always to music. Sometimes we had to make our own music to dance to in line for the roller coaster. There were several times that I got the impression that Sarah would have liked to stop dancing, she was either tired or realizing that people could see us, but she kept on because I don’t care what people think and I kept dancing. We would finally make it onto the roller coaster and I would throw my hands up singing (loudly and very off-key) “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes” and Sarah would join me.

I was not too worried about what the people around me thought of me because I was having a great time with my friend. I’m almost 25, what is the opinion of high school students to me?  Its none of my business is what it is. I try not to be obnoxious or disturb everyone else’s fun but I don’t see anything wrong with doing a princess wave the entire time that I’m on the carousel or waving my arms around and cheering the whole time I’m on the ferris wheel, as if it is the most thrilling ride I have ever been on. Anyone who would judge me for that sort of thing at the park obviously was not having as much fun as I was. 

There is one thing that I did at the park that was fun but now (being a full day older) I see was not something I should have done even though it was fun. That thing would be switching seats on the “Rattlesnake Rapids” ride in order to avoid getting splashed. I do not regret that decision because of anything people could say to me about it but because I have a very large bruise on my hip from going over a bump and getting slammed back into the seat. That I could have lived without.

I suppose the moral of the story is that I still think that other people’s opinions of me do not matter and that if you are having fun you probably are not as ridiculous as you think you are. Or maybe you are that ridiculous but its still awesome.


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